December 11, 2016

Amanda & Ahmed’s Romantic Wedding Photography at Hernder Estates, Niagara

Amanda and Ahmed planned a romantic and fun wedding, with a whole pile of classic, traditional and vintage touches, and we absolutely loved capturing the moments of the day for them (check out their wedding video here, too!).

If you meet Amanda and Ahmed, you learn quickly that these people are kind, thoughtful, and quite frankly the type of person you’d want to have as a friend. I’m quite certain a lot of people believe that because their wedding party was filled with twenty one – twenty one – of their closest people and all of them had a special and unique bond with the bride and groom one can only hope to find a few times in their lifetime. Well, these guys have found it over and over again, and bless their hearts for it.

If you’re a fellow photographer reading this, I know what you’re thinking: a bridal party of TWENTY ONE?! How did you even maintain some order?! Ha. We thought that may be an issue too – after all, we often work with five or six groomsmen that get carried away  goofing around during photos! But the amazing support and care that each of these bridal party members showed the bride and groom was just a testament to how well loved Amanda and Ahmed are. Believe it or not, group shots went by breezy. Buh-reeeeezy. But it absolutely helps that Hernder Estates in Niagara is one of the best venues to get married in Niagara, with a coordinator always on the ball and considerate of timing, planning and keeping everything on track! Not a detail was missed because every single person that was a part of this wedding gave the attention and care to the bride and groom that they deserved.

Amanda, Ahmed, and your gaggle of friends, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with all of you. Thanks for making us feel like part of the gang






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